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kuando Busylight Premium UC software is made by Plenom for TELUS Business Connect to improve the work environment and make office life easier.

Telus Business Connect made better with kuando Busylight

kuando Busylight is a presence, call alert, and notification system designed to eliminate distractions while keeping you updated on calls, events, and emails. The simple but effective productivity device displays your presence status in real-time while the built-in speaker signals incoming calls making it a natural addition to TELUS Business Connect on Windows.

Busylight colors for TELUS Business Connect

Presence benefits:

  • Eliminate office interruptions due to the visible presence light
  • Stay focused and work concentrated without disturbances
  • Reduce office noise due to the visible reminder of employees in calls
  • Increase UC adoption with the visible indicator of presence and calls
  • Higher efficiency and quality of work due to more focused employees
  • Better collaboration and teamwork due to less interruptions
  • Reduce stress and sick days with a better work environment

Ringer & Notification benefits:

  • No more missed calls and shorter reply time due to the ringer and notifier on incoming calls
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction due to shorter reply time and no missed calls
  • Lower IT support with standardized and 100% reliable ringer
  • Quick deployment and configuration with mass deployment of the software
  • Opportunity to reduce office noise if the ringer is muted



· Status light automatically changes color according to your status in RingCentral Unified

· Call Center mode

· Multicolor LED light

· 360-degree visible angle

· Easy to mount on different surfaces

· 3 brightness settings


· Call alert on incoming calls

· A reliable default solution as software is mass deployed

· No audio settings required

· A USB device – not an audio device

· Works when PC soundcards/speakers are disabled

· Easy to pick up calls and dial numbers

· Possible to ignore or end call

· 8 different ringtones

· 4 settings for volume control


· Future feature: Missed call notification

Now with Call Center mode!

When you install the software, you automatically go to the normal TELUS Business Connect setup. But in the settings, you can change to Call Center mode, overruling the default presence color settings.
In Call Center Mode the Busylight will follow the agents' queue status (in the queue/out of the queue), so other agents and supervisors know everyone's true status and availability.


TELUS Business Connect user manual (windows) - coming soon

Busylight data sheet - Download here

Technical Specifications

The solution is based on:

  • Windows .Net 4.x

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Plenom is a danish design and engineering company manufacturing kuando solutions to help employees working in open plan offices. We have invented the Busylight in 2003, sold globally since 2006, and we are manufacturing acoustic sound panels for noise reduction.
Our sister-company, Globe Systems A/S, is an award winning headset specialist and reseller in Northern Europe, established in 1999.