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UC-One Communicator

UC-One Communicator Computer Client

kuando Busylight Premium UC software is made by Plenom for UC-One Communicator to improve the work environment and make office life easier.

UC-One Communicator made better with kuando Busylight

kuando Busylight is a presence, call alert, and notification system designed to eliminate distractions while keeping you updated on calls, events, and emails. The simple but effective productivity device displays your presence status in real-time while the built-in speaker signals incoming or missed calls making it a natural addition to UC-One Communicator on Windows.

Busylight colors for UC-One Communicator

Presence benefits:

  • Eliminate office interruptions due to the visible presence light
  • Stay focused and work concentrated without disturbances
  • Reduce office noise due to the visible reminder of employees in calls
  • Increase UC adoption with the visible indicator of presence and calls
  • Higher efficiency and quality of work due to more focused employees
  • Better collaboration and teamwork due to less interruptions
  • Reduce stress and sick days with a better work environment