Internet of Things (IoT)

Looking for a powerful and flexible deep analytics cloud service to manage your IoT devices and visualize data? Look no further than Widgelix, created by Greenmesh!
Widgelix allows for the seamless integration of devices from multiple manufacturers onto a single platform, and offers machine learning algorithms that extract valuable insights from the collected data.
With Busylight readily available on Widgelix's Device Repository, integrating it is a breeze! Simply click a few buttons, customize the notification colors and you're ready to go!
But that's not all - with the Advanced Rule Engine provided by Widgelix, you can receive real-time notifications through Busylight or your preferred messaging service for any changes in your project. From monitoring soil moisture levels in your pots to tracking conference room occupancy, or even keeping an eye on the progress of your CI/CD deployments, the possibilities are endless.

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The Busylight colors for Widgelix are customizable